Evaporites and sea water

• Genese und Veränderung hochsalinarer Lösungen

• Determination of distribution coefficients

• Isotope ratios as tracer

• Experimental investigation: Detritus in saline solutions


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Magmatism and crust structures

• Experimental petrology

       Trace element distribution Phlogopit/melt

• Vulkanism: Hesse depression and Vogelsberg

       Hf-Isotopie: Mantle development and fractionation

• Magmatic evolution of Chaîne des Puys

       Fractionation/contamination from basalt to trachyte

       Trace element comparison tuff/basalt  

• Permian vulkanism

       Composition and trace element distribution: magmatic vs. hydrothermal

• Granites und migmatites south finland

       Mineralogical and chemical composition of meta-pelitic migmatites

       Chemical evolution from protolith to leukosom and restite

       Nd-initials in leukosom and restite

• Middle earth and lower crust

       Xenolithes from vulkanites: hesse depression and Chaîne des Puys

       Eductes of metapelites of the Eckergneis-Komplexes in the Harz

       Bedrockof the Chaîne des Puys: Allier-Tal, margin boundary

       Granulites of lower austria

       Petrophysics of shear zones

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Final disposal and geologic barriers

• Asse II mine: Final disposal for radioactive waste

       Characterisation of underground solutions

       Origin of contaminated solutions

• Investigation of Gorleben

       Migration of solutions and gases within the rock structure

       Origin and migration of solutions and gases

• Grimsel test site and Äspö underground laboratory

       Characterisation of geological barriers

       U-Th-equilibria/imbalances in clefts

• Natural analoga

       Basaltic glasses in shale

       Basalt dykes in salt rock

       REE mobility in salt formations

• Technical mineralogy

       Sewage sludge ashes in clay bricks

       Stability of water glass

       Sorel concrete in hypersalinar fluids

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• Coins

• Lead glazes

• Vitriols, alums, colors

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