• Ramirez LE, Palacios C, Townley B, Parada MA, Sial AN, Fernandez-Turiel JL, Gimeno D, Garcia-Valles M, Lehmann B (2006) The Mantos Blancos copper deposit: an Upper Jurassic breccia-style hydrothermal system in the Coastal Range of northern Chile. Mineralium Deposita 41: 246-258
  • Lehmann B (2004) Metallogeny of the Central Andes: geotectonic framework and geochemical evolution of porphyry systems in Bolivia and Chile during the last 40 million years.
    In: Khanchuk A.I., Gonevchuk G.A., Mitrokhin A.N., Simanenko L.F., Cook N., Seltmann R., eds, Metallogeny of the Pacific Northwest: tectonics, magmatism and metallogeny of active continental margins. Vladivostok, Dalnauka, pp 118-122    PDF 

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