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Dr. Plischke als Dozent für die SAMO Summer School im Juni 2018 eingeladen

Dr. Plischke als Dozent für die SAMO Summer School im Juni 2018 eingeladen


The Joint Research Centre of the European Commission is organizing The Tenth Summer-school on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output (SAMO 2018) which will be held in Ranco (Italy), June 11-15, 2018.
The school illustrates the motivations to conduct sensitivity analysis on simulation models and
offers an accessible treatment to the techniques used in global sensitivity analysis. The program
begins with the first principles of sensitivity analysis and guides the student through the full range of recommended practices with exercises and application examples.


The scientific program covers topics such as: introduction to SA and overview of techniques, uncertainty analysis, sensitivity analysis, graphical methods, derivative-based measures, high dimensional model representations, variance-based and screening methods, polynomial chaos expansions, sensitivity analysis with given data, sensitivity measures for correlated inputs, Simlab4.1 package, practicum, exercises for students, round table with selected case studies from students.


A preliminary list of instructors is: Andrea Saltelli (University Autonoma de Barcelona - University of Bergen), William Becker (JRC), Stefano Tarantola (JRC), Rossana Rosati (JRC), Daniel Albrecht (JRC), Thierry Mara (JRC, University of La Réunion), Mikhail Simonov (JRC, University of Turin), Sergei Kucherenko (Imperial College London), Ricardo Bolado (JRC), Elmar Plischke (Clausthal University of Technology).

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